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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the most important feature that defines the face. They frame the face and are part of communication and facial expression. Eyebrows also prevent dirt and debris from falling into your eyes.
A lot of people and many of my clients really have no clue about shaping their brows! I have seen many profile photos online with less than desirable looking brows. I wonder if these people have no one that will tell them the truth of how awful their brows look! It's ok. I'm here to help.
Ladies if you have blond hair, please do not use a jet black liner and literally draw on a fine line as you eyebrow this goes for everyone -

( truly hope this was a mugshot!.. She deserves to get arrested for this nonsense!!).

not cute!!!

Also, those two inch thick ones that covers half your forehead..

Really not cute!!!

Uni-brows and those brows you can almost cornrow (this goes for men too. There is nothing wrong with a little "manscaping")..seriously not cute!
(I did not do the makeup in this photo of 8 time Grammy award winning singer and actress who shall remain nameless, but I did work w/ her & her eyebrows several times.)

So here are the basics:
Using a eyebrow pencil or brush, place it by the side of your nose to your eyebrows. This is where it should start. Tilt the brush or whatever your using to from the same point of your nose to the corner of your eye, this is where it should end. The highest point of the arch should be the outer edge of the pupil. The eyebrow should arch where that line intersects with the brow.

Invest in good tools ie: Tweezers and brushes. They make a big difference!

Filling in the spaces are important, you can use a pencil using small brush stokes or powder with an angle brush.

As far as the color goes, there should only be a two shade difference. If your brunette,up to two shades lighter and Blondes should be 1-2 shades darker

For those unruly brows I suggest using hair spray or gel on a brow comb, a wax pencil, clear mascara or eyebrow mascara to help keep things in place.

Well-shaped eyebrows really do more to enhance your appearance than any other facial feature. The right brow shape can make your face appear slimmer; eyes appear larger and more youthful.
Hope this helps.
Love & Lipstick

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